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Uses DCx27 Needle
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 YAMATO AZ and YA Series Overlock Machines Replacement Parts.   A Very Successful Range Of Overlock Machines from YAMATO.  Built in Japan from the early 90's until superceded by the 'G' series machines a decade later.
Most Popular Models were the AZ6003 (1 needle), AZ6020 (2 needle) and the AZ6020H (2 needle High Lift).

Need a Part For Your Yamato AZ6003, AZ6020H or YA Series Overlock Machine?  We can help you.
On Stock we have all disposable items for the Yamato AZ overlock machines. We hold Loopers, Needle Plates, Knives and most 'Everyday' Items. Please call for more information.

Tweezers - Needle Wrenches - Accessories

Y3637 (003637) Needle Screw - Allen

Y2100167 (2100167) Lower Knife AZ Series
Y20496 (0020496) Upper Carbide Knife for AZ
Y2121107 Angled Top Carbide Knife#

YAMATO AZ6003 & AZ6020 Loopers
Y2109300 Lower Looper AZ6003,AZ6020 etc
Y2109301 Upper Looper AZ Series
Y2109320 Upper Looper AZ6020H etc

Y2109320 Upper LooperY2109300 Lower looperNeedle Plates

Y2108005 Needle Plate
Y2018004 Needle Plate for AZ6020H-Y6DF 5mm Seam Width
Y2018005 Needle Plate for AZ6020H-Y6DF 6mm Seam Width

Need Help or Advice?  Unsure of exactly what you need?  Or can't see your parts here?  Please Call one of our Engineers who will be delighted to help.

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