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Uses DCx27 Needle HERE

  Ian P.Sissons 2009


 WIMSEW  W737  W747  W757 Replacement Parts    Need a Part For your WIMSEW Overlock?   Thease are 3 4 & 5 thread Overlock Machines.  Basically a copy of the SIRUBA 747 machines.  We have been importing SIRUBA overlocks, bagstitchers and spare parts into the UK for over 15 years, so we know the parts inside out

 P502 3x5mm 5 Thread Foot  LP26 Upper Looper  KR23 Top Carbide Knife  KR35 Lower Knife    P253E-3 737 3 Thread Foot

BR1 Cleaning Brush

KY14 Needle wrench (144124-001)

KY18 Tweezers (TWE6)

E809 (E919) Needle Plate 4 threadSK216 Needle Set Screw
   SK216 Needle Screw

E809  Needle Plate - 747 5mm
E810  Needle Plate - 747 6mm
P253E-3 737 3 Thread Foot
P253E-4 747 4 Thread Foot
LP26 Upper Looper
KL25 (KL35) Lower Looper
KM04 Chainstitch Looper
KR23 Top Carbide Knife
KR35 Lower Knife
KT14 Oil Filter

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