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  Ian P.Sissons 2009


PROTEX  PROTEX C101 & C111 Lockstitch Machine Replacement Parts        Single Needle High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine based around the BROTHER DB2-B755-3A.   Excellent Machine manufactured by the TONGYU Corporation.  We have just about everything you need for this machine.   Please call.

HSH7.94B Rotary Hook 52237 Bobbin Case     40262 Steel Bobbin   40264A Aluminium Bobbin
Rotary Hook                   Bobbin Case                Steel Bobbins       Aluminium Bobbins

Needle Plates - Feed Dogs - Presser Feet - Screws - Accessories

147150 Needle Plate & 149057 Feed Dog12482 Needle Plate & 12481 Feed Dog20159 Needle Plate & 20160 Feed Dog
Feed Set - Light                            Feed Set - Medium                                      Feed Set - Heavy

Bobbin WinderOil Pan & AccessoriesCheck SpringFull Range of Feet - Please See the Presser Foot Page
Accessory & Presser Feet Are HERE
Need Help or Advice? Or can't see what you're looking for?  This is just a selection of our range of Parts for this machine.   Please call and speak to one of our Engineers who will be delighted to help.