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Everything for the Business End of your SIRUBA L818F
and then some

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SIRUBA L818 Parts Book

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 SIRUBA L818F Parts  Standard Flatbed Lockstitch Machine.  Built by SIRUBA in Taiwan to a very high quality standard.  The design is loosely based round the Juki DDL5500/8500 series of lockstitch units.

Need a Part for your SIRUBA L818 Machine? We can help you with most parts for this series of machine from SIRUBA.  We actually Import them.

P711 Standard Presser Foot
Full Range of Presser Feet IN STOCK for the SIRUBA L818F

See Our Range of Presser Feet HERE

Zip Foot, Piping Foot, Gathering Foot, Cording Foot etc

LE614 = Base Position Finger

Tension Parts
GLA60 = Tension Disc
LA22 = Tension Spring
LA27 = Check Spring

For Other Tension Parts
and Complete Tension assembly's,   PLEASE CALL


Rotary Hooks - Bobbincases - Bobbins
G301 = Bobbin With Holes (270010)
G201 = No Backlash Bobbincase (52237NBL)
G111 = Rotary Hook Standard Machines
G112 = Rotary Hook Heavy Machines

Needle Plates & Feed Dogs

Medium/Heavy Feed Dog & Needle Plate
E711 = Needle Plate (12482)
D711 = Feed Dog (12481)

Light/Medium Feed Dog & Needle Plate
E704 = Needle Plate (147150)
D701 = Feed Dog (149057)

SK675 = Needle Plate Screw (2 Used) (691)
SK674 = Feed Dog Screw (2 Used) (208)

For Internal Parts - Please Call Us.

Need Help or Advice?  Unsure of exactly what you need?  Or can't see your parts here?  Please Call one of our Engineers who will be delighted to help.

  Ian P.Sissons 2010

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