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12142AHB Adjustable 

490360 Wire Hemmer Foot
Also 490355 Single Fold Downturn Hemming Feet in 1/4"
HEMMING FEET are available in Single & Double Fold in Upturn and Single Fold in Downturn.

490357 Single Fold Upturn Hemming Foot 1/4"

490358 Double Fold Ball Hemming Foot 1/8 3/16 & 1/4"

490359 Wire Hemmer Foot 
3/16 & 1/4"


 BIAS BINDERS, HEMMING FOLDERS & GUIDES  For Single Needle Lockstitch Machines

A10 Plain Bias Binder SetA10 Bias Binding Folder
SUISEI Type Double Turn Bias Binder Set for Binding Edges of Light To Medium Weight products.
Available in Sizes 16mm to 50mm
Please Refer to the Size Chart for Finished Sizes.  Supplied complete with Presser Foot and Feed Dog as a Set.

K10 Ajustable Bias Binding Folder
K10 Adjustable Bias Binding SetDouble Turn Bias Binder Set with Adjustable Edge Guides allowing accurate Top & Bottom edge alignment when binding difficult shapes and curves.
Even more accurate when used with a Hinged Binding Foot (see them HERE).
Available in Sizes 16mm to 50mm
Please Refer to the Size Chart for Finished Sizes.  Supplied complete with Presser Foot and Feed Dog.

Swing Type Bias Binding Folders & Tape Folders  
A1S Swing Type Bias Binder-Click For Sizing Info
Single Fold (Top) Bias Binder-Click For Sizing InfoA4S Swing Type Tape & Braid Folder-Click for Sizing InfoA9S Double Fold Bias Binder Click for Sizing Info

Please refer to the SUISEI Catalog on the Left for Folder Type Applications

Hemming Folders
    We hold most common types of Hemming Folders for Single Needle Lockstitch Machines.  Single Upturn & Double Upturn Hemming Folders, Hemming Feet and Guide Screws are available from us.
Please refer to Size Chart for Finished Hem Widths.  
Used with S538, S539, S540 & S541 Hemming Feet (foot is dependant on fold width) which is an optional extra.     For Accurate and Consistent Hem Widths.  Presser Feet are HERE

A4 Tape Binder
Used for Binding Raw Edges with a Tape or Braid. Ideal for use with Herringbone Weave Tape.  Also used for Foil and PVC Tape
Popular Sizes 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4"

Single & Double Turn Folders             From stock all types of Hemming Folders

Lap Seam & Synchronised Binder Folders
We are able to supply all types of Lapseam Folders for Twin Needle and Feed Of The Arm Machines- Please Call
We also can supply Synchronised Binder Folders for All Types of Flatbed & Cylinder Arm Machines.

Belt Loop Folders   Ask us about Belt Loop Folders For KANSAI SPECIAL, PEGASUS, SIRUBA, YAMATO etc. Please call with Size120428 Swing Out Edge Guide

From stock we have all types of Edge Guides and work aids.  Please call with your requirements

Guide Screws                         25878 Standard TEE GUIDE      SMG1 Magnetic Guide

Also Available from Us are Specialist Folders 'Made to Order'.   
Please Call Us to discuss your requirements.

Need Help or Advice?  Unsure of exactly what you need?  Or can't see your parts here?  Please Call one of our Engineers who will be delighted to help.

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