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Everything for the Business End of your BROTHER and then some.

Uses DBx1 or DPx5 Needle Available From Us HERE

  Ian P.Sissons 2009


 BROTHER DB2-B101, DB2-C101 & DB2-C111 Range    A very popular range of High Speed Flatbed Lockstitch Machines from BROTHER.  Sold in the UK as the DB2-B755 Mk3A.     Continuing the tradition of using the B755 Model Number.   Good Quality Machines deserve good quality parts and needles.  Never compromise - CALL US.

BROTHER DB2-B101 C101 & C111 (DB2-B755 Mk3A)

Need a Part For Your BROTHER DB2-B101, DB2-C101 or DB2-C111 Industrial Sewing Machine ?
Then you are in the right place.  We have been supplying BROTHER Machines for over 20 years and we know them inside out.  Call Us for Expert Advice and Quality Service.

Popular  Presser Feet For The BROTHER DB2-B755
31358HW = Right Toe Cording Foot (WIDE)
12435HW = Left Toe Cording Foot (WIDE)
MT1 = Teflon Foot Equal Toes (SUISEI Ref: ST35W)
MT2 = Replacement Sole For MT1 (SUISEI Ref: ST35WB)
120828H = High Step Gathering - Shirring Foot

See Our Full Range Of PRESSER FEET Are HERE

Machine Accessories Are HERE

Standard Bobbin Case = 100369-001
No Backlash Bobbin Case = S03245-001
Steel Bobbin With Holes = 117061-001
Steel Bobbin No Holes = 40264
Aluminium Bobbin = 146290-001
Rotary Hook = 145585-001
Rotary Hook = 111275-001
Rotary Hook = 116780-001
All HIROSE Ref #  HSH7.94B

140553-102 Needle Screw
100032-004 Needle Plate Screw
100080-003 Feed Dog Screw 
001670-814 Foot Screw (190)

Base Position Finger = 100367-001
Slide Plate Assembly = 180018-001

Tension Parts
Check Spring = 100399-001
Tension Disc = 145446-001 (2)
Tension Spring =  145520-001
Release Plate =  100134-001
Tension Nut = 100136-001

Needle Plates & Feed Dogs

100266-001 Needle Plate (B22)  &  100334-001 Feed Dog (Centre)
111859-001 Needle Plate (E18)  &  111860-001 Feed Dog (Left)
20160 Needle Plate  &  20159 Feed Dog (Right)

Service Kits are HERE.   Kits include 6 Bobbins, Bobbincase, Presser Foot, Needle Plate, Feed Dog, Check Spring & New Screws

Need Help or Advice?  Unsure of exactly what you need?  Or can't see your parts here?  Please Call one of our Engineers who will be delighted to help.