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151594001 Thread Guide
140553001 Needle Set Screw

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BROTHER LS2-B891 Parts Book


 BROTHER LS2-B891 & SEIKO BBW-8BL     Heavy Duty Unison Feed Machine With Walking Foot
Brother LS2-B891 & Seiko BBW-8BL are Identical Machines. The Brother is manufactured by Seiko for Brother.

SSSS60051 Outer Presser Foot Assembly
SSSS60049 Inner Presser Foot
SSSS60048 Inner Presser Foot Screw

S25789000 Bobbin Winder Ring
SSSS10689 Check Spring

SSSS60239 Rotary Hook Assembly
SSSS60240 Bobbin

SSSS60236 Slide Plate Right
SSSS60237 Slide Plate Left

SSSS60302 Fixed Knife
SSSSS8031 Fixed Knife Screw (2)
SSSS60304 Thread Trapper Spring
SSSSS8031 Trapper Spring Screw (2)
SSSS60292 Moving Knife
SSSS18349 Moving Knife Bolt (2)
SSSS31111 Washer

SSSS60309 Feed Dog
062401012 Feed Dog Screw
SSSS60234 Needle Plate
SSSS60235 Needle Plate Screw

Uses 135x17 (DPx17) Needle HERE

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  Ian P.Sissons 2010

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