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DA1-A Rotary Hook
DA2-B Rotary Hook Full Gib
For 95K Small Shaft Machines

52307 Needle Clamp
52307 Needle Clamp

88, Rice Lane
L9  1DD  UK

  Ian P.Sissons 2009

Singer 196K


 SINGER 95K - 96K -195K -196K Replacement Parts        also for BROTHER DB2-B760
The Singer 96K is a medium speed single needle lockstitch machine. Very popular from the middle of the 1900's with garment factories, tailors, alteration shops and just about anywhere a sewing machine was required.   Multiple variants were manufactured, so when requesting parts, it would help us if you have the EXACT model no. from the plate on the front of the machine.

DA1-A Rotary Hook52237 Bobbincase40264 Steel Bobbin52032 line Gauge Needle Plate12482 Line Gauge Needle Plate
DA1-A Rotary Hook  52237 Bobbincase   40264 Steel Bobbin      52032LG Needle Plate      12482LG Needle Plate

12432 Slide Plate
SINGER 95K  195K  96K & 196K 
Popular Parts
190 Presser Foot Screw
208 Feed Dog Screw
691 Needle Plate Screw
12432 Slide Plate
270010 Bobbin (with Holes)

31358HW & 12435HW Cording Feet - See Them On The Presser Foot Page
Popular Presser Feet
31358HW Cording Foot - Wide
120828H Shirring Gathering Foot
L36069H-1/4 Piping Foot
40322SH Zip Foot


52092 Tension Assembly52082 Check Spring12481 Feed Dog52031 Feed Dog24983 Presser Foot
52092 Tension Assembly       52082 Check Spring  12481 Feed Dog  52031 Feed Dog   24983 Presser Foot

Click Here For Service Kits For These SINGER Machines
Service Kits are HERE.   Kits include 6 Bobbins, Bobbincase, Presser Foot, Needle Plate, Feed Dog, Check Spring & New Screws

Need Help or Advice?   Please Feel Free To Call or e-mail any enquiries.        This is just a selection of Parts available for this machine.   If you cannot see exactly what you need, Please Call One of Our Engineers who will be delighted to help.