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Rotary Hook = 18033

Uses DPx17 Needle
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  Ian P.Sissons 2009


 CONSEW 206RB Heavy Duty Walking Foot Lockstitch Machines (Same As SEIKO STH8BL)


Need a Part for your CONSEW 206RB or SEIKO STH8BL
Walking Foot Lockstitch Machine ? 

Call Us, we have 'On The Shelf' most of the common items which wear out or need replacing regularly.
We also have access to Internal and Special Parts for the CONSEW 206RB and SEIKO STH8BL from International Suppliers.

S32 Single Piping SetS95 Double Piping Set
We have In Stock Single & Double Piping Sets as Follows
S32 Single Piping Set = 1/8"
S32 Single Piping Set = 3/16"
S32 Single Piping Set = 1/4" (Most Popular)
S32 Single Piping Set = 3/8"
S32 Single Piping Set = 1/2" (for Ball Rouche)

S95 Double Piping Set = 3/16"
S95 Double Piping Set = 1/4"

For Internal Parts, Please Call


Inner Presser Foot 19412C10796 Outer Presser Foot
Outer Presser Foot = 10796
Outer Presser Screw = 18483
Inner Presser Foot = 19412C
Needle Plate = 18030
Needle Plate Screw = 6031-01 (2)
Feed Dog = 18031
Feed Dog Screw = 19525 (2)
Needle Clamp Screw = B140553

18034 Bobbin For SEIKO STH8BL & CONSEW 206RBBobbin = 18034 & 18034QW
Tension Assy = 19421C-A
Check Spring = 10689
Tension Disc = 19531
Release Plate = 19532
Tension Spring = 19533
Tension Nut = 19513

For Left & Right Zipper Feet
Please Call

18045 Bobbin Case18045
Bobbin Case

18030 Needle Plate18030
Needle Plate


Need Help or Advice?
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